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Welcome to the Internet home of Stephen Dent Family Dental Care. Located in the heart of Wicker Park, our dental practice has proudly served the Chicago metro area for nearly 30 years. Healthy teeth and gums are the cornerstones of overall health. Taking good care of your teeth or dentures is not always easy, and even when you take the best care, a cracked tooth or dental sensitivity can still occur. At Stephen Dent Family Dental Care we make it our business to ensure you walk out of our office happy and smiling!

Many dental issues arise from lack of consistent care, but many others can be genetic, caused by an accident, or simply arise seemingly out of nowhere. At our Family Dental Care, Stephen Dent and his staff understand the various conditions, and we know how to address both common and rare oral conditions. Our Family Dental Care practice offers immediate care for dental emergencies as well as routine dental care for your regular dental hygiene needs.

Stephen Dent Equipment

The Family Dental Care staff will treat you like family and your needs will be met expeditiously by a caring team of highly experienced dental hygienists and our expert dentists, Dr. John Gupta, DDM and of course, Dr. Stephen Dent, DDM.

We proudly offer financial assistance and payment planning for individuals with inadequate insurance or those whose dentistry needs exceed their financial ability. At Dent Family Dental Care, it’s our mission to offer affordable dental care to Wicker Park and the greater Chicago area.

Office Technology

Our Dentist office utilizes the best technology on the market for our procedures. One of our new whiting techniques is called Whitening-Zoom. This process is one of the fastest and most effective ways to whiten your teeth. This particular whitening process can make a persons teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Oral Hygiene Benefits

Many Americans do not take care of their oral Hygiene as much as they should be. Daily brushing at least two times a day, flossing and tongue cleaning combined with annual checkups will ensure that your mouth is as clean and healthy as it can be.

Recent studies show that only 62% of adults visit the dentist. This is often the cause of the negatively correlated statistics provided by the centers for disease control and prevention. Currently, approximately 80% of the American population has some form of gum disease. Men are typically more likely to have more severe dental diseases.

Three out of four patients don’t change their toothbrush as frequently as one should. A rule of thumb that we go by is replace them every 2-3 months or after you’ve recently been sick. 16% of children and 23% of adults had untreated cavities that needed attention.

Don’t let your oral hygiene slip away when easily preventable measures can be taken to stop them.